Bedrooms in our Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio Stores

Get the Rest You Really Deserve with our Leather Bedroom Furniture!

At Texas Leather Interiors, you can have a bedroom set as you've never experienced it before.

Imagine sinking into a one-of-a-kind, custom-made bed that was created just for you. You chose the colors. You chose from a variety of 100%, top grain leathers to create the plush, luxurious headboard you've always dreamed of.

Now, imagine knowing that your custom headboard has been partnered with a sturdy dried hardwood frame, a frame that is durable and meant to last. This bed is yours in a way that no mass-manufactured piece could ever be. It fits effortlessly into your d'cor. It expresses your personality. It's welcoming, inviting, and beautiful. It's truly irreplaceable.

Now, imagine choosing the pieces that complement your new bed. Imagine picking a handcrafted mirror and hanging it in just the right spot. Is the Casablanca right for you? Perhaps the Santa Fe is more your style? Match the wood to the wood of your bed to get a pulled-together, showroom quality look.

Easing your clothing into a beautiful hardwood dresser polished until it gleams. You could have chosen one of our tall dressers to save space, one of our long dressers to create space, or one of our media dressers to catch a late night movie before finally turning in. Each one was handcrafted to match the wood you chose for your other bedroom set pieces, and its wooden warmth helps turn the entire room into a luxurious cocoon.

You turn and place your book on the perfect bedside table just before you turn out the lights. Your fingers brush gently over the sleek, smooth wood. The faint smell of the wood helps you lose yourself in peace and luxury before you gently drift to sleep.

This isn't just furniture. These are heirloom bedroom pieces that you could pass on to your children or grandchildren. These are the kinds of high-quality pieces that your own ancestors knew, pieces that seem to store family memories. You will not find an experience like this anywhere else. Come to Texas Leather Interiors today, so that you can start creating the bedroom you've always dreamed of.