Living Room

Living Room Furniture in our Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio Stores

Custom Leather Living Room Furniture: Bring Your Family Together!

Make your living room epic with Texas Leather Interiors! Experience family movie nights and game day fun as never before. We've got the sofa style that will fit your space, whether you're dreaming of a new sofa, recliner, or sectional. We even have theater seating so you can create your own private cinema experience!

Each one of our pieces is handcrafted and custom made. When you come to Texas Leather Interiors you have choices. You choose the top grade leather styles. You choose the colors that suit your home, family, and decor. It doesn't matter if your living room is big, small, or somewhere in between. We've got enough options to bring a touch of luxury to spaces of all sizes.

All of the stitching in all of our leather furniture is nylon-reinforced on the inside, which means that your new sofa is going to be up to the challenge of keeping.