Home Office Furniture in our Austin, Dallas, Houston, & San Antonio Stores

Office Comfort for the Family CEO

How do you use your home office? Do you work from home, or is the office simply a place where you take care of the family financial affairs? Either task can be stressful and challenging. Get the comfort you need to think clearly by treating yourself to a handcrafted leather office chair and matching hardwood desk. If you're like many people you'll spend most of your time in this chair, so it pays to choose a chair that will treat you right.

Remember, each of our luxurious office chairs is fully customizable. After you browse the styles below, just take a look at the 'leather sample' link on each option. You'll get to see all of the different options. Not sure what to choose? Step inside of our showroom and talk to any of our interior experts to find the option that will help you attain a show-room quality home office.

Some furniture stores would only cover the front of your office chair with leather, but not us. We offer all-sides coverage to give you the total luxury experience.

Don't spend hours putting together some frustrating, cheap office chair mass produced in China. All of our office furniture is hand created right here in the USA, by artisans who take pride in their work. You've customized it, so it's all yours. We deliver it, so all you have to do is sit back; breathe in the smell of fresh, supple leather, smile, and get on with your day. Now that's working smart.