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  • Texas Leather Cleaner (32oz)

    Use as a general cleaner on all types of leather: A, O, P and N. Before using, test for colorfastness. Apply a small amount to a hidden area of your furniture. Allow to dry and inspect for any color change. (Leather will darken after application of cleaner but should return to original color when dry. A small amount of color transfer is normal.)

    Texas Leather Cleaner is intended for general maintenance and upkeep of your leather furniture. It will breakdown normal dirt, oil and body residue. It is not meant for major head oil or stains. Follow application instructions on the bottle. Then apply the recommended conditioner for your leather type.

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  • Texas Leather Conditioner (32oz)

    Use as a conditioner for leather types A, O, P and N. Do not use on suede. Always clean leather first, before applying conditioner. Before using, test leather for colorfastness. Follow application instructions on the bottle. Allow to dry completely.

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